Mohan Sundaresan, Artist

Sept Mohan

Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open September 1 - September 30. 


The artworks in this show were created in my studio located in La Jolla using a technique that I have developed over the years. Several independent processes are involved in making each piece.

I begin a project by putting colors on two canvasses. The colors are determined by what impressions are in my mind at that time. Everyday, flowers, stars, the ocean, and nature in general give me inspiration. The state of the world today affects what thoughts are in my brain when I am painting.

After they are dry, I turn each canvas face down and cut it into strips of random curves and shapes. The sphere, which is present in all my work, represents a gem. I cut half of a sphere into each of the two canvasses and piece them together so that the sphere is whole..

 Next, I weave the two paintings together around the sphere, carefully glueing each weave in place. I cut slits in strategic places so that the weave lies flat. This is the part of the project that gives me the most satisfaction. The message is the same in every piece.

 We are all born with a gem inside us that needs to be polished. No one is better than another.

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